new work: hjemfærd // homecoming

2023, short fiction, dur.: 17 minutes, Danish with English subtitles, premiere: Odense International Film Festival

Jenny hasn’t set foot in the house for nearly two months. Everything remains untouched, just as she left it. Now, she returns for one final visit before the house is sold. But it’s not easy for her. There’s a reason why she left in such haste. With each step into the all too familiar rooms, Jenny unlocks memories she fears more than anything— the memories of love.

Starring Lisa Carlehed, Afshin Firouzi, Ene Øster Bendtsen & Ken Vedsegaard.

Written and directed by Johan Knattrup Jensen, cinematography by Kristoffer Engholm Aabo, set design by Signe Krab Nymann, costume design by Juan Bastias, make-up by Maya Geertsen Køster, sound by Stefan Garfield, score by Kaspar Kaae, editing by Martin Anthon Sørensen, grading and post by Copenhagen Visual, produced by Robin Hounisen & Daniel Mühlendorph for Hyæne Film.

The poster for Hjemfærd // Homecoming by Søren Meisner

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